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See a selection of sports shots from 2022.
(Monitor photos by Sam Major)
_1047612 all-state band qualifiers Emily Miller and Gabby Wolf_1236890 Dr Charles Brewster_1247574 rhythm elite lean_1059551 Tex Willis points_1080618 cool reelings_1248367-71hdr windmill at sunset_1248435 Lawanda Warren sings_1248481 ring of fire_1091836 Sophia Reynolds as Jennie Mae and Jacob Johnson as CC Showers wash feet of Benjamin Barnett as Buddy_1114320 Meelah Amason as mrs van amersfoort is harrased by ensemble_1114397 Mike Holbrook conducts Warsaw Concerto_1113730 squeegeeing the courts_1248796 Kori Hammond shows pig_1259055 Bailee Bishop-Wright sr showmanship steer bw_1114541 Ashlan Barnhart of Winnsboro sells reserve champ broiler_1136154 Brooklyn Marcee signs letter of intent_1136373 Trudy Hayes brothers art_1124932 back to backhands of Trinity Kolo and Bianca Delgadillo_1159185 kindergarten_1124981 Keilee grooms Kozbie
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