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_1197601 DJ Newsome shoots_1197641 yellowjackets halftime strategy_1386996 Dawson Pendergrass lays-in_1387025 Dawson Pendergrass puts-back_1387045 Ainsley Steward steals_1387049 Ainsley Steward converts steal_1387053 DJ Newsome and Xzavien Lipcomb steal_1387058 Braydon Alley goes-up_1387067 Xzavien Lipscomb goes-up_1387073 Dawson Pendergass defends jumper_1387099 Xzavien Lipscomb skip-passes_1387101 Maxx Stinchfield blocks shot_1387106 Dawson Pendergrass lay-up_1387114 Isaiah Gardner receives pass in post
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