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_1387127 in awe of horse Daisy_1387128  Serenity Ballard and Stormie Combs driving Daisy_1305628 horse-drawn carriage crosses broad at johnson_1387154 Serenity Ballard and Stormie Combs driving Daisy_1387167 Stormie Combs instructs riders_1387171 fall colors for christmas ride_1387185 Daisy waits_1387190 crossing broad at line_1387201 crossing broad and johnson_1387209-12hdr waiting at stoplight at broad and johnson_1387229 Serenity Ballard and Stormie Combs driving Daisy_1387231 happy passengers_1305681 horse-drawn carriage rides by select theater_1305722 window decor judges confer_1305756 mineola holiday horse-drawn carriage_1305778 daisy takes a break_1197728 horse-drawn carriage_1197735 tiner and herring crews ride horse-drawn carriage_1197745 youngster dazzled by lights_1197746-47hdr youngster eyes mom
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