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_1047441 Justin Matthews steals_1047476 Levi Thompson jumper_1047495 Levi Thompson steals_1047497 Levi Thompson steals_1047519 Brady Floyd lays-in_1047522 Brady Floyd for three_1047531 Hunter Jordan jumper_1047554 Brady Floyd floater_1047567 Levi Thompson technical free throws_1047600 bulldog cheer_1236188 Justin Matthews lays-up_1236198 Justin Matthews and Garin Kissinger battle_1236205 Ford Tannebaum grabs loose ball_1236241 Levi Thompson skies_1236249 Jack Tannebaum straight-up defense_1236258 Ethan Reynolds pump fakes_1236266 Ethan Reynolds and Hunter Jordan defend_1236280 Brady Floyd handles_1236285 Ethan Reynolds close range_1236290 tech ejection explained
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