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_1331582 Addison Marcee bumps_1174061 Peyton Kruckner net battle_1174110 lady dogs win opener_1174113 bench and stands applaud set win_1174118 Emilee Baker and Kallie Hoover and Peyton Kruckner celebrate set win_1174124 Peyton Kruckner sets Allie Berry_1174141 boom baby_1174146 Sofia Tannebaum swings left_1174184 Kaylie Wood awaits Sophie Reynolds set_1174186 Addison Marcee passes_1174197 Annabelle Popex tips spike_1174205 Petyon Kruckner jump-serves_1174212 Addison Marcee hits midcourt_1174217 Annabelle Popex diving dig_1174221 Sophie Reynolds diving dig_1174232 Kaylie Wood hits_1174234 Kaylie Wood and Annabelle Popex anticipate Sophie Reynolds set_1331622 Allie Berry hits_1331655 Allie Berry sends hit over_1331658 Addison Marcee digs
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