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_1242245 Dawson Pendergrass wins tip over Ethan Presley_1242256 Hunter Jacobs and Dawson Pendergrass loose_1242302 Keke Martin defends Brady Floyd_1242334 Keke Martin steals_1242371 Keke Martin shoots three over Levi Thompson_1242389 TJ Moreland goes by Ethan Presley_1242393 Dawson Pendergrass scores_1242405 Ainsley Steward defends Payton Sapp_1242425 TJ Moreland stalling_1432490 Dawson Pendergrass breaks from Brady Floyd and Hunter Jacobs_1432507 Braydon Alley defends Brady Floyd_1432565 TJ Moreland steals_1242464 Dawson Pendergrass blocks layup of Carter Smith_1242482 Xzavien Lipscomb guards Brady Floyd_1242502 Brady Floyd charges Xzavien Lipscomb_1242511 Brady Floyd breaks_1242528 Landon Richey and Isaiah Gardner rebound_1242540 Dawson Pendergrass scores on Landon Richey_1242561 Keke Martin free-throw_1242576 Noah Emmons and Braydon Alley loose
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