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_1069897 Xzavien Lipscomb handles ball-pressure_1069923 TJ Moreland celbrates score by Xzavien Lipscomb_1069934 TJ Moreland passes to Braydon Alley_1069935 Hunter Vandover shoots three_1069940 Hunter Vandover shoots three_1069952 Conner Gibson shoots three_1069961 Stephen Ogueri no-called_1069967 Dawson Pendergrass scores_1069979 TJ Moreland lays-up_1069989 TJ Moreland and one_1070022 Stephen Ogueri catches lob_1070036 Stephen Ogueri rebounding strength_1070043 Dawson Pendergrass and Hunter Vandover late pressure_1070069 TJ Moreland stops clock_1070074 TJ Moreland lays-up_1070097 Bobby Collins rebounds_1080460 Stephen Ogueri put-back_1080483 Braydon Alley lays-up
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