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_1160140 pre-game pep_1160153 Alexis Wilmut bumps_1160154 Bailey Bishop bumps_1160156 Cacie Lennon digs_1160162 Skyler West sets_1160178 Bailey Bishop winds-up_1160195 Lainey Wright digs_1160196 Lainey Wright digs_1160202 Kamrin Wright and Alyssa Murdock dig_1160203 Kamrin Wright and Alyssa Murdock dig_1160205 Cacie Lennon hits_1160207 Skyler West sets_1160209 Hailey Crutchfield hits_1160212 Cacie Lennon tips_1256466 Lainey Teel kills_1256478 Cacie Lennon hits_1256483 Cacie Lennon at net_1256492 Kalli Trimble liberty tip_1256503 Erin Langston serves_1256506 Kalli Trimble kills return
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