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_1283318 first movement_1331288 drum major Alexus Richey and percussionist Dalton Poppenhusen pre-show_1331296 bend at the knees_1283313-17hdr proud blue band warms-up_1331319 bass clarinets and alto saxes_1331330 proud blue drum line_1331332 star burst_1331340 jacket duty_1283363 proud blue_1283371 trophy selfies_1331351 winnsboro drummers battle pre-show_1331359 sabre solo and winnsboro woodwinds_1283389 red raider band at region marching_1331373 flag toss and sax_1331421 colorguard wave_1331436 font ensemble_1331457 pose_1331470 woodwind feature_1331479 guard feature_1331488 rifles in sync
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