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_1161580 lady dogs cheer point_1161583 Emilee Baker swats_1161645 Peyton Kruckner tracks down_1287955 Allie Berry dives_1287973 Addison Marcee winds-up_1287999 Abby Day and Hannah Holland converge_1288010 Kallie Hoover net work_1288021 Kaylie Wood floats over_1288027 cheering section_1288033 Kallie Hoover swings_1288044 Annabelle Popex hits_1288054 Addison Marcee winds-up_1288062 party in the u-s-a_1288071 Peyton Kruckner sets up Emilee Baker_1288076 Hannah Holland bumps_1288085 Peyton Kruckner tips_1288106 Annabelle Popex spikes_1288147 Hannah Holland digs
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