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_1241977 Paris Spigner guards Sadie Vander Schaaf_1241983 quitman cheers Kaysi Parker steal_1242030 Jayla Jackson guards Kaylie Wood_1242046 Allie Berry fouls Paris Spigner_1242055 Carmen Carrasco and Jayla Jackson press Kaysi Parker_1242066 Annabelle Popek fouls Kyra Jackson driving baseline_1432171 Ashley Davis contests three by Kyra Jackson_1432217 Blake Hamrick coaches Sadie Vander Schaaf and Larkin Spears and Annabelle Popek_1432224 Macy Fischer left Ashley Davis behind_1432228 Tanner Hartzog reverse layup_1432244 Macy Fischer guards Allie Berry as Jayla Jackson guards Kaysi Parker_1432255 Jayla Jackson splits Annabelle Popek and Kaysi Parker_1432295 Allie Berry splits Kyra Jackson and Mylee Fischer_1432300 Annabelle Popek and Kyra Jackson compete_1432319 Addison Marcee breaks_1432326 Annabelle Popek and Addison Marcee rebound Jayla Jackson_1432332 Macy Fischer drives on Annabelle Popek by Sadie Vander Schaaf and Allie Berry_1432338 lady bulldogs sense hope_1432374 Kaysi Parker contests Mylee Fischer_1432377 Kyra Jackson pressures Allie Berry
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