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_1342990 time waits_1342992 hearty panther fans wait out weather_1342995 hearty cooper fans wait out weather_1353022 pre-game acclimation_1353041 panther fans settle-in_1353130 panther cheer_1353131 wr Luke Sutton on cooper int_1353133 wr Luke Sutton on cooper int_1353155 Jerry Skinner and Glen Hartley and Gavin Terry tackle_1353167 cooper converts two_1353170 Jason Langston blocks for Donald McVay_1353220 Tyler Perez reaches_1353226 no fair-weather fans_1353245 panther cheer panchos_1353253 Jerry Skinner pressures qb_1353263 Jerry Skinner chases fumble_1353274 Jason Langston joins fumble fray_1353279 Conner Gibson blocks for Glen Hartley_1353305 Gavin Terry wraps-up_1353313 Cameron Lennon tackles
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