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_1182799 atv on hwy 37 at loop_1182808 mineola city limit signs icy_1182829-35hdr mineola club lake_1182846 sledders at mineola hs driveway_1182857 Tristian Kemmerling sleds Patton_1182862 Marisella Romo and Liz Short tandem sledding on Patton_1182873 Marisella Romo and Liz Short tandem sledding on Patton_1182901-07hdr snowy brick cacti_1182972-8hdr snow and trees at mineola nature preserve with barbed wire fence_1182979-85hdr mineola nature preserve barbed wire icecicles_1183023-9hdr mineola nature preserve yuccas and trees and snow_1183055 mineola nature preserve cardinal snowbird_1183062-8hdr horses chilling at barn_1183082-88hdr icy kilpatrick st_1183089-90 icecicles melt_1183093 mineola civic center splash pad frozen
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