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_1182265 Ava Burroughs 14 tips_1182279 Madyson Pence 22 for three_1182285 Addison Marcee 5 guards_1182295 Ava Burroughs 14 high_1182304 Madyson Pence 22 flails_1182309 Ava Burroughs 14 stretches_1182327 Madyson Pence 22 possession_1182385 Kynlee Love 12 dribbles_1182409 Ashley Davis 10 loose_1182427 Madyson Pence 22 lays up_1182429 Addison macee 5 and Ashley Davis 10 press_1182433 Kynlee Love embraces coach Blake Hamrick_1182439 Kynlee Love and Reiny Luman embrace