_9160020 quitman and mineola and alba-golden runners start_1597548 Katie de Gorostiza and Raylie Peebles start quickly_1597554 quick start_1597560 early leaders_1597562 Braleigh Wood and Raylie Peebles challenge_1597564 Katie de Gorostiza drafts_1597572 crunch_1597580 Braleigh Wood and Katie de Gorostiza set pace_1597588 Raylie Peebles runs_1597609 Brianna Palacious and Caroline Castleberry in step_1597629 Yareli Hernandez_1597648 Emily Deatherage runs_1597663 Braleigh Wood finishes first_1597672 Braleigh Wood finishes first_1597674 Katie de Gorostiza earns second_1597680 Katie de Gorostiza battles for second_1597685 Katie de Gorostiza battles for second_9160041 Raylie Peebles finishes_1597698 Raylie Peebles done_1597705 Caroline Castleberry finishes
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