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_1184287 Skyler West sets Hailey Crutchfield_1184292 Kamrin Wright sliding dig_1184315 Skyler West sets Cacie Lennon_1184327 Kalli Trimble spikes_1184336 Cacie Lennon digs_1184338 Erin Langston sets_1184342 Lainey Wright swats_1184357 pre-point position_1184369 bunched_1184371 Cacie Lennon swipes_1184399 Kalli Trimble receives_1184408 Cacie Lennon kills_1184450 Kamrin Wright digs_1184455 bench reacts to Kamrin Wright dig_1184471 Lainey Wright bumps_1184494 coaches observe effort_1184526 Alyssa Murdock digs_1184568 final panther home win_1184577 Kalli Trimble hugs Cacie Lennon and Kamrin Wright_1331705 Kalli Trimble recovers
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