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_1198021 Cacie Lennon and Kamrin Wright defend_1198038 Kalli Trimble and Kayleigh Logan defend_1198061 Lainey Teel and Kamrin Wright w Alexis Wilmut trap_1198064 Lainey Teel and Kamrin Wright w Alexis Wilmut trap_1387364 Cacie Lennon shoots jumper_1387370 Cacie Lennon outlet pass_1387373 Kayleigh Logan shoots three_1387374 Lainey Teel rebounds_1387378 Kalli Trimble draws foul_1387394 Kayleigh Logan drives_1387424 Erin Langston fouled shooting_1387428 Kamrin Wright fires three_1387429 Lainey Teel rebounds_1387432 Lainey Teel free-throw follow-thru_1387433 Kamrin Wright and Kalli Trimble trap_1387448 Kamrin Wright draws contact_1397458 Kalli Trimble pressures_1306121 toy toss_1306147 plush picker_1306173 Hogan Webster piles plushes
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