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_1081200 Mylee Fischer draws charge_1081220 Macy Fischer secures steal_1081226 Ava Johnson shoots_1081261 Kyra Jackson shoots_1081266 Paris Spigner and Kapri Riley pressure_1081279 Macy Fischer penetrates_1081301 Jayla Jackson shoots three_1081308 Jayla Jackson looks to pass_1081340 Kyra Jackson passes to Jayla Jackson_1081366 Paris Spigner and Ava Johnson rebound_1081375 Kyra Jackson dishes out_1081433 Jayla Jackson shoots three_1081485 Carmen Carrasco pivots_1081533 Kyra Jackson free-throw_1081558 Mylee Fischer lays-in_1081607 Macy Fischer last seconds defense_1081615 Keilee Riley starts celebrating_1081626 victory almost assured_1081664 seconds after victory_1081668 coach Alan Wilson congatulates
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