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_1497541 Caroline Castleberry bunts_1497571 Jadelyn Marshall pitches_1497603 ss Jorja Young throws to 1b_1497606 ss Jorja Young fields grounder_1497626 Jocelyn Whitehead swings_1497633 right fielder_1497637 Jaycee Smith frames pitch_1497648 Jaycee Smith play at plate_1497655 Allie Hooton throws from center_1497662 ss Jorja Young throws to 1b Caroline Castleberry_1497696 right field fly_1497717 Gracie Finley eyes 3b_1497718 Gracie Finley force out 3b_1497722 rf bloop out of reach of 2b Lexi Miller_1497735 Allie Hooton bunts_1497777 Caroline Castleberry pickle interference_1497783 Caroline Castleberry pickle interference_1497803 Gracie Finley swings_1497815 Caroline Castleberry connects_1497821 Gracie Lindley chops