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_1046867 Reiny Luman fouls_1046874 Kaysi Parker rebounds_1046883 Allie Berry shoots_1046925 Ashley Davis dribbles_1046935 Ashley Davis runs point_1046942 Sadie VanderSchaaf runs point_1046947 Addison Marcee dribbles_1046951 Carley Spears steals_1046957 Carley Spears dribbles_1046963 Addison Marcee passes to Allie Berry_1046966 Addison Marcee loose_1046985 Allie Berry drives_1225633 Madyson Pence for three_1225746 Reiny Luman hands off to Ashley Davis_1225765 Addison Marcee dribbles_1225767 Alexus Richey and Addison Marcee pressure_1225781 Kaylie Wood passes
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