_A270982 Braydon Alley scores first_A270984 Braydon Alley scores first_A271007 group effort_A271026 Chris Rossie pressures qb on td pass_A271060 Braydon Alley another td_A271096 Paul Stanley wraps-up_A271103 Mario Bautista goes low and Eddie Guerra high_A271118 wildcat escapes grasp of Braelyn Geremonte_A271130 Braelyn Geremonte sheds wildcats_A271136 Braydon Alley follows blocks of Bryson Myers and David Reyes_A271197 Colton McMahon interfered with_A271206 Braydon Alley cuts through hole made by Javaryon Brumsey and Bryson Myers_A271219 Colton McMahon reaches endzone_A271229 Hunter Wernecke quick-handed hold for Noah Turner_A271239 Hunter Wernecke quick-handed hold for Noah Turner_1632141 edge pursuit_1642148 Paul Stanley strips_1642152 Paul Stanley returns stolen fumble_1642189 Xavier Hardin closes-in_1642195 Mario Bautista upends attempted hurdler