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_1148605 Mason Reynolds catches bounced relay_1148622 Coy Anderson and Caleb Hamby eye contact_1148642 Spencer Joyner catches pop-up bunt_1148649 Mason Reynolds connects_1148651 Cason Davis fields grounder_1148662 Jack Tannebaum fully extends_1148664 Tommy Drinkwine winds-up_1148695 Braydon Alley golfs_1148724 Jacob Castleberry bunts_1148728 Mayson Reynolds throws-out bunter_1148746 Dalton Hamlin 2b throws 1st_1148752 Jacob Castleberry 3b throws_1148764 Ford Tannebaum 1b catches pop-up_1158776 Tommy Drinkwine P throws-1b_1158786 Mason Reynolds connects_1158792 maybe Davis field Reynolds slide_1158807 Landon Richey hits 3rbi double_1158828 Landon Richey to 3b on groundout_1158856 Spencer Joyner releases_1158857 Spencer Joyner rears-back
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