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_1004654 Nate Griffin 52 sacks quarterback_1004689 JJ Gandy catches for touchdown_1203877 Coy Anderson 4 sacks quarterback_1203886 JJ Gandy celebrates interception_1204000 Dawson Pendergrass 22 eludes cardinal_1204007 Dawson Pendergrass 22 cuts to endzone_1214031 Coy Anderson 4 returns kickoff_1214080 TJ Moreland throws away_1214084 TJ Moreland 3 carries_1214110 Dawson Pendergrass stomps into endzone_1214114 Dawson Pendergrass 22 celebrates touchdown_1214146 Paul Stanley intercepts_1214170 defensive swarm_1214191 TJ Moreland 3 throws pass_1214211 Dawson Pendergrass 22 sheds cardinals_1004556 preshow marimba repair_1004566 Ethan Dunham plays_1004571 Ali Gonzalez leaps_1004602 flag toss_1004618 birds fly over the rainbow
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