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_1125079 McKenna Wood and Kendall Davis run 3200m_1125094 Kendall Davis runs 3200m_1125134 McKenna Wood runs 3200m_1125138 Kendall Davis runs 3200m_1170249 Allie Berry triple jumps_1125224 Stephen Ogueri throws discus_1170273 Stephen Ogueri throws discus_1125236 discuses_1125246 DJ Newsome throws discus_1125295 Dawson Pendergrass triple jumps_1125302 Shylah Kratzmeyer sets pole vault PR 10ft_1125317 Shyla Kratzmeyer playback_1125383 coach Daven Murphee congrats Shylah Kratzmeyer_1259793 Brooklyn Marcee pre-flight_1125508 Brooklyn Marcee sets pole vault PR 12-6_1125511 Brooklyn Marcee cleared pr 12-6_1125512 Brooklyn Marcee reacts to setting PR_1125524 coach Blake Hamrick congrats Brooklyn Marcee on pv-pr_1125534 Dawson Pendergrass approaches triple-jump_1125651 Brooklyn Marcee and Sarah Smith 100m hurdle prelims
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