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_1173490 Dawson Pendergrass and Chris Rossie hurl warrior_1173503 Isaiah Gardner celebrates tackle for loss_1173589 Carrie Littlefield and Allison Hooton and Mylee Fischer cartwheels_1173657 Cason Davis cuts_1173831 David Reyes blocks for Dawson Pendergrass_1173856 coach Daven Murphee congrats Cason Davis on td_1320606 Chris Rossie forces fumble_1320631 Chris Rossie sacks_1320644 jacket cheer_1320682 Corde Berry fourth down stop_1320703 Cason Davis fights for sideline yards_1320708 pat_1320710 Hunter Werneke holds for Noah Turner_1320721 Paul Stanley snags qb_1320735 Dawson Pendergrass follow Bryson Myers block_1320747 Dawson Pendergrass inconvenienced by warrior def_1320770 hc td confetti_1320945 JaMarcus Kennedy takes screen to house_1331008 Cason Davis splits def finds open field to td_1331014 Noah Turner kicks
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