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_1162389 cheer for cooper_1298962 stay strong cooper reid_1298965 bulldog captains_1299078 Brady Floyd and Klayton Meadow meet_1162448 drum major_1162457 quitman hs band_1162483 star burst_1299097 drumline_1299107 bari sax bend_1299138 Klayton Matthews sweeps_1299145 converted_1299160 low pre-snap_1299162 Mikey Pickering leads Landon Green_1299186 Justin Matthews facemasks sack_1299208 basket toss_1299216 Ethan Presley dives_1299219 Devin Robertson strips ball_1299221 Devin Roberston fights for fumble_1299224 Devin Roberston fights for fumble_1299229 Ethan Pressly secures ball
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