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_1065563 300m hurdles pre-race_1065565 Brooklyn Marcee enters home-stretch 300m hurdles_1065568 Brooklyn Marcee penultimate 300m hurdle_1065574 Brooklyn Marcee clears final 300m hurdle_1065578 Brooklyn Marcee eyes finish 300m hurdles_1065589 Brady Shrum takes his mark_1065598 Brady Shrum passes to Jaxon Holland_1065605 Jaxon Holland hands to TJ Moreland_1065613 TJ Moreland takes over from Jaxon Holland_1065619 TJ Moreland brings baton to Morgan Waggoner_1065626 TJ Moreland passes baton to Morgan Waggoner_1065632 Morgan Waggoner home stretch_1065634 Morgan Waggoner finishes first_1065644 mineola 4x400m relay celebrates gold_1192472 Abeni Kratzmeyer gymnast_1192473 Abeni Kraztmeyer warms up_1192555 abby kratzmeyer up ut_1192566 Abeni Kratzmyer over_1192582 abeni kratzmeyer pole vaulting_1192598 Abeni Kratzmeyer craning
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