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_1001257 Dawson Pendergras 22 tramples_1001274 sound of swarm pit percussion_1001277 little fans of the swarm_1001299 Dawson Pendergrass 22 TD reception_1001321 TJ Moreland 3 pass to Dawson Pendergrass 22_1001355 yellowjacket cheerleaders_1001401 Jaxon Holland 2 and Brady Shrum 5 celebrate pass TD_1001461 coach Heath Ragle and Dawson Pendergrass 22 celebrate win_1001474 TJ Moreland and Dawson Pendergrass celeberate win_1198695 Nate Griffin 52 wraps up_1198699 Adam Blalock 7 lowers shoulder_1198721 Coy Anderson 4 sacks qb_1198743 Dawson Pendergrass 22 blocks pat_1198855 Drew Robertson 0 forces fumble_1198952 TJ Moreland 3 watches Dawson Pendergrass 22 score_1198965 Julian Ramos 6 w DJ Newsome 54 and Stephen Ogueri 50  pressure qb_1199036 Nate Griffin 52 leaps after TJ Moreland 3 upended qb6_1199075 Brady Shrum 5 catches final TD_1199077 Brady Shrum 5 turns to score final TD_1199093 Nate Griffin 52 suggests signal
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