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_1197762-64hdr moonrise through clouds at sunset_1197770 Jayme and Sheree tower_1197811 Carson Johnson 21 tackles_1197836 Kameron Crockett 5 reaches_1197840 friday night lights_1197876 Ford Tannebaum 2 scores_1197905 Mason Reynolds 8 runs behind no65_1197925 Darryl Harris 53 and Hayden Batchelder 72 block for Wyatt Hightower 12_1197962 Mason Reynolds 8 sheds hawk_1000960 spirit alive in quitman_1000907 cheerful saxophonist_1000920 low brass flanking colorguard soloist Emily Roman_1198014 proud blue band_1001081 flying bulldog colors_1198164 bulldog spirit_1001021 Mason Reynolds 8 pumped after ramble_1001048 Ford Tannebaum after TD_1198184 Carson Dickens 11 sacks hawk qb_1198199 coach Brandon Fields and no88 celebrate_1001075 Wyatt Hightower 12 celebrates win
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