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_1059157 pregame lineup_1059183 Ashley Davis runs break_1059196 Sadie Vander Schaaf shoots three_1059211 Madyson Pence presses_1059236 Madyson Pence steals_1059239 Ashley Davis breaks-away_1059247 Reiny Luman shoots_1059254 Allie Berry wide-open three_1059265 Sadie Vander Schaaf approaches bucket_1059267 Sadie Vander Schaaf lays-in_1059273 Kaysi Parker fights for rebound_1059305 Ashley Davis key shot_1059321 Addison Marcee shoots jumper_1059329 Ashley Davis and Allie Berry trap_1059336 Ashley Davis defends aggressively_1059347 Addison Marcee stridently defends_1080247 Sadie Vander Schaaf fouled shooting_1080266 Kaysi Parker lefty lay-up_1080275 Allie Berry blows-by defender_1080278 Allie Berry lays-in
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