_1369033 Eugene Allen fiddles with Frio River Band_1369055 vendor tents_1369088 Heather Mullins tosses_1369090 Justin Bennett tosses_1369108 talk to bag_1369118 follow through_1369127 lefty_1369145 Armando Trejo tosses_1369162 Armando Trejo and Heather Mulluns signal_1369189 Dallas Scott tosses_1369204 Shelby Jones body english_1369213 Aaron Graham and Dallas Scott react_1369216 Aaron Graham begs bags_1369234 Aaron Graham tosses_1369272 Heather Mullins strategizes_1369276 Aaron Graham and Shelby Jones display sportsmanship_1369285 Shelby Jones and Dallas Scoot 2nd place_1369286 Heather Mullins and Aaron Graham won
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