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_1063862 Lindsay Hornaday catches popfly_1063883 Alana Galaz eyes hit_1063920 Alyssa Lankford and Carmyn Heim tangled_1063936 Alexis Oneal pitches_1063950 Alana Galaz pitches_1064057 Emily Wiley snags fly_1064067 Alyssa Lankfor celebrates perfect bunt_1064125 Lindsey Hornaday diving catch_1064130 Addison Marcee catches LFly_1190317 Kennedi Elmore pitches_1190330 Ashley Davis field Carmyn Heim grounder_1190343 Madyson Pence swings_1190347 Brittany Pickle tags out Madyson Pence_1190350 Carmyn Heim fields grounder_1190363 Kynlee Love solid contact_1190380 Lindsey Hornaday 2B to Reiny Luman 18 as Emily Wiley runs_1190528 Alexis Oneal hypes Kennedi Elmore_1190550 sunsets over Quitman ballfields_1190552 Ashley Davis hits ipHR_1190566 Ashley Davis ipHR