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_1003132 mineola 2021 homecoming queen and king Rebecca Hughes and Justin Crump_1201408 Nate Griffin and Michelle Hernandez_1201411 Dee Elshehaby and Keilee Riley_1201419 king Justin Crump crowned_1201432 queen Becca Hughes_1003160 front row fans_1201444 Coy Anderson 4 holds for Chris Rossie 8 assist_1201471 Dawson Pendergrass breaks away_1201484 JJ Gandy catches TD pass_1201504 drum major Cameron Bussell shades_1201543 Adam Blalock 7 celebrates interception_1201574 Cole Thompson 63 and Julian Ramos 6 pressure qb_1003216 Chris Brannan gets blanket thank you_1201589 Rebecca Hughes color gaurd_1201605 drum major Maddie Tucker waves_1201627 Dawson Pendergrass rambles_1201651 Cason Davis 1 runs_1201662 Drew Robertson 0 Stephen Ogueri 50 and Coy Anderson 4 tackle qb_1201670 TJ Moreland 3 fires
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