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_1275651 Carter Smith starts 4x200m relay_1275664 Isis Murlin and Emmily Vega start 400m dash_1275681 Raylie Peebles wins 400m dash_1275684 Isis Murlin finishes 400m dash_1275701 Dylan Eppars finishes 400m dash_1275704 Dakota Jimenez finishes 400m dash_1275733 Madison Pence starts fast 1600m run_1275769 1600m medalists_1275801 Cris Alejo lap2 of 1600m run_1275839 Tanner Hartzog takes baton 4x400m relay_1275886 4x400m relay champs_1275916 Dylan Eppars passes to Ethan Presley 4x400m relay_1476325 Larkin Spears takes baton from Savana Smith 4x100m relay_1476326 Larkin Spears takes baton from Savana Smith 4x100m relay_1476342 Mathew Ingram set for 4x100m relay_1476346 Edgar Rubio starts 4x100m relay_1476358 Ainsley Steward closes 4x100m relay_1476378 800m start_1476388 Raylie Peebles leads lap 800m_1476420 Dakota Jimenez starts 800m
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