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_1199287 new king Brandon Jimenez_1001779 king Brandon Jimenez and queen Sara Cross_1068129 homecoming court_1199315 national anthem_1001883 Mayson Reynolds 8 sheds wildcat_1199341 Ford Tannebaum 2 cuts_1199401 Jack Tannebaum tackles_1199423 Ford Tannebaum defends_1199445 Mason Reynolds blocks for Jack Tannebaum_1199487 Ford Tannebaum escapes_1199540 Thomas Sabedra 88 TD pass_1199594 bulldog backers celebrate intTD_1199647 Wyatt Hightower fights for yards_1199712 path cleared for first overtime touchdown_1199738 Kameron Crockett overtime INT_1199756 coach Shane Webber pointed remarks_1199758 coach Shane Webber questions_1001918 Cameron Crockett 5 scores winning TD_1001918 Cameron Crockett 5 scores winning TD bw
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