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_1047051 Jack Tennebaum shoots three_1047053 Levi Thompson fadeaway_1047063 Levi Thompson jumper_1047066 Ford Tannebaum shoots three_1047071 Levi Thompson splits foul_1047083 Jack Tannebaum draws charge_1047090 Brady Floyd throws outlet_1047092 Garin Kisinger passes to Jack Tannebaum_1047098 Thomas Sabedra dribbles_1225811 Levi Thompson passes to Ethan Reynolds_1225843 Cason Johnson blocks_1225895 Brady Floyd runs point_1225911 Ethan Reynolds goes up_1225914 Garin Kisinger and Brady Floyd defend_1225944 Jack Tannebaum stalls_1225955 Levi Thompson and Jack Tannebaum celebrate
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