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_1059366 Levi Thompson and Hunter Jacobs apply press_1059373 Ford Tannebaum hits three_1059382 Garin Kisinger battles under bucket_1059407 Ethan Reynolds and Justin Matthews synchronized rebounding_1059420 Levi Thompson sinks bomb_1059431 Carter Smith nabs steal_1059435 Carter Smith earns free-throws_1059437 Levi Thompson eyes bucket_1059440 Levi Thompson fearlessly attacks_1059460 Brady Floyd presses_1059462 Carter Smith attempts pick-pocket_1059470 Ford Tannebaum and Garin Kissinger wrestle_1059512 Brady Floyd dives_1080338 Brady Floyd breaks press_1080358 Landon Richey rebounds_1080382 Brady Floyd scores_1080412 Thomas Sabedra step ahead_1080418 Cason Johnson rebounds_1080448 Jack Tannebaum defends to buzzer
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