_1620064 quitman and mineola begin district meet_A070008 mineola girls begin_A070017 and theyre off_1620078 Braleigh Wood leads early_1620096 first turn_A070023 across country_A070035 leaders_A070036 leaders_A070056 Braleigh Wood and Katie de Gorostiza out front_1620110 turn_1620118 mineola pack_1620143 quitman team_1620150 leaders_1620172 Raylie Peebles runs fifth_1620178 McKenna Wood and Brianna Palacious pace_1620221 McKenna Wood and Raylie Peebles pace_1620254 Braleigh Wood wins district_1620265 Katie de Gorostiza finishes third_1620267 Olivia Hughes finishes fourth_1620283 Raylie Peebles chases McKenna Wood to finish
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