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_1015133 Allie Berry 23 Kadence Thompson 2 Kaysi Parker 31 and Jessie  Mitchell rebound_1015154 Reiny Luman knocks ball loose_1015162 Addison Marcee and Karmrin Wright struggle_1015199 Addison Marcee 5 guards Cacie Lennon_1214295 Reiny Luman blocks Jade Kruse_1214301 Kylie Kennedy 24 and Jade Kruse fould Madyson Pence shooting_1214303 Cacie Lennon 15 shoots over Kaysi Parker_1214316 Carley Spears hustles_1214380 Addison Marcee breaks_1214385 Carley Spears drives_1214394 Madyson Pence 22 lays up_1214404 Jade Kruse fouls Allie Berry_1214431 Kaylee Anglin breaks_1214459 Kamrin 14 Wright strips Addison Marcee 5_1214491 Allie Berry and Addison Marcee 5 force Kamrin Wright out_1214496 loose ball scrum_1214504 Addison Marcee 5 and Cacie Lennon 15 last second