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_1189687 Abby Hallman to Kalli Trimble 4x200m relay_1189711 Jake Hallman passes to Nick Hallman 4x200_1189723 Boedy Baker anchors 4x200m relay_1189736 Bella Crawford 300m hurdles_1189755 Jerry Skinner 300m hurdles_1189774 Micah Smith and Denver Beck run 1600m_1189783 Micah Smith runs 1600m_1189808 pre-race prayer 4x400m_1189810 Kalli Trimble preps for 4x400m_1189842 Cacie Lennon to Bella Crawford 4x400m relay_1189858 Gracie Teel anchors 4x400m_1189885 Nick Hallman preps for 4x400m_1189892 Nick Hallman strong start
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