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_1070412 Ethan Reynolds shoots_1070465 Thomas Sabedra lays-up_1070472 Thomas Sabedra and Brady Floyd trap_1070491 Ford Tannebaum contested shot_1070529 Ford Tannebaum steals_1070535 Levi Thompson passes to Ford Tannebaum_1070548 Brady Floyd intercepts pass_1070552 Levi Thompson lays-up_1070589 bulldogs retook lead 3q_1070666 Jack Tannebaum dishes steal to Levi Thompson_1070686 Levi Thompson lines-up three_1070706 Brady Floyd and Levi Thomspn timeout breather_1070713 Hunter Jacobs shoots three_1070717 Brady Floyd student section three_1070737 Brady Floyd flying press_1070743 Levi Thompson scores_1070806 Ford Tannebaum secures possession and win and playoffs_1070820 Ford Tannebaum clutch free-throws_1070822 Brady Floyd and Levi Thompson low-five Ford Tannebaum between free-throws_1070832 wild final minute
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