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_1162227 Jocelyn Whitehead tips_1162256 Kyra Jackson tips_1288769 Paris Spigner bumps_1288794 Olivia Hughes bumps_1288813 Mylee Fischer sets_1288830 Mylee Fischer bump-sets_1288836 Macy Fischer kneels for dig_1288841 Mylee Fischer kills_1288847 Kloey Garcia digs_1288859 Mylee Fischer blocks_1288870 Kyra Jackson tips_1288881 Kyra Jackson floats_1288886 Gracie Finley guards net_1288891 Olvia Hughes kills_1288893 Paris Spigner digs_1288899 Gracie Finley winds-up_1298915 Gracie Finley spikes_1298943 Mylee Fischer and Gracie Finley anticpate set of Olivia Hughes_1298945 Mylee Fischer winds-up_1162312 Jocelyn Whitehead passes
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