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_1173883-87hdr lone star quilt_1173904 Stephanie Hauson snaps stitches_1173913 Maris Brusk points_1173928 securing windi-blown quilts_1173930 aggie admires_1173990 Tamara Liner and Carolyn Hearron and Donna Payne crane_1174010 family four squares_1174020 assistance_1174025 joeys new fav_1174027 my hometown_1283140 pinning quilts_1283156 Terri and Lori and Russ Nuss peep patterns_1283174 layered quilts among trees_1283189 gesture_1283232-36hdr jim hogg park host quilt show_1283255 Dennis Cullison takes it in_1283263 point light patterns_1283265 light patterns_1283275 needle point
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