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_1173272 Cameron Bussell and Ali Gonzales wait for portraits_1173303 colorguard salutes Ali Gonzalez and TJ Moreland_1320440 Audria Bynum and Javaryan Brumsey_1320463 Mylee Fischer and Preston Radla_1320471 Mylee Fischer and Preston Radla_1320479 Kloey Garcia and Kaden Bell_1173316 Becca Hughes w attendants_1320497 Allison Hooton and Cameron Bussell_1320505 Carrie Littlefield and Isaiah Gardner_1173321 swag_1173325 queen Ali Gonzalez and king Isaiah Gardner_1173334 king Isaiah Gardner gets hug_1173338 Carrie and Dago greet Ali Gonzalez_1320518 Isaiah Gardner crowned king_1320537 Ali Gonzalez reacts to being named queen_1320544 Ali Gonzalez goes to be crowned_1320548 Ali Gonzalez is sashed_1320555 Ali Gonzalez crowned 2022 Mineola homecoming queen_1320559 Ali Gonzalez crowned 2022 Mineola homecoming queen_1173356 queens Ali Gonzalez and Beccas Hughes
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