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_1060886 Brooklyn Marcee warmup_1060931 Kozbie Riley 3jump_1060940 Tahjae Black 3jump_1060959 Abby Kratzmeyer grips_1060993 Brady Shrum long jump_1061015 Bonnie Vander Schaff scissor high jumps_1061042 Tahjae Black high jump_1061143 Brooklyn Marcee wMV and Ava Johnson 100m hurdles_1061152 Ava Johnson 100m hurdles_1061190 Ford Tannebaum and TJ Moreland 110 hurdles_1061201 Ford Tannebaum and TJ Ford 110m hurdles_1061203 Dawson Pendergrass finishes 110m hurdles_1061223 Jordan Alex Burmann and Drew Robertson 110m hurdles_1061238 Abby Kratzmeyer wins 100m heat_1061281 JV 100meters_1061320 100meters_1061332 Kobe Kendrick and Levi Thompson 100m dash_1061355 Kozbie Riley and Juliana Stanely 400m_1061420 Trenton Sealy 400m_1061431 Brandon Jiminez 400m
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