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_1376065 David Reyes blocks_1197273 Dawson Pendergrass finds edge_1197280 Dawson Pendergrass forced out_1197282 offensive line makes way for Dawson Pendergrass_1376124 sweep develops_1376125 Mario Bautista blocks Braydon Alley_1376138 Bryson Myers leads blockers_1376145 punch-in attempt_1376166 Adam Blalock and Chris Rossie tackle_1197298 Keke Martin catches pass_1376183 Braydon Alley braces for impact_1376194 Dawson Pendergrass looks upfield_1376205 Braydon Alley catches touchdown_1376206 Braydon Alley catches touchdown_1376210 Braydon Alley post td_1376212 Noah Turner kicks pat_1376226 Isaiah Gardner tapes shoe_1376240 sound of the swarm percussion_1376246 Maddie Tucker conducts halftime_1376257 Cameron Bussell conduct halftime
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