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_1364616 Chris Rossie and Mario Bautista converge_1364645 Isaiah Gardner blocks for Braydon Alley_1364680 Tanner Crenshaw helps-up Dawson Pendergass after td_1364740 Dawson Pendergrass breaks contain_1364777 DJ Newsome and Chris Rossie go for fumble forced by Adam Blalock_1364785 Xzavien Lipscomb celebrates fumble recovery by Paul Stanley and Corde Berry_1364811 Dawson Pendergrass finds path created by Isaiah Gardner w DJ Newsome and Tanner Crenshaw_1364826 Dawson Pendergrass cuts back across Tanner Crenshaw and DJ Newsome_1364831 DJ Newsome waves goodbye as Dawson Pendergrass eyes endzone_1364842 Keke Martin finds crease made by Braydon Alley and Dawson Pendergrass w Tanner Crewnshaw_1364867 Dawson Pendergrass and coach Daven Murphee confer_1364906 4w Keke Martin and Adam Blalock w Xzavien Lipscomb swarm_1364949 fling_1364961 Dawson Pendergrass clear cut30_1364982 jackets stuff tiger_1375017 sound of swarm halftime_1375085 Keke Martin floats_1186071 Braydon Alley sets-up blocker4 for td run_1375105 Edgar Rubio tackles for loss_1375141 Hunter Werneke holds for Noah Turner
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