_1011859 Addison Marcee drives_1011869 Addison Marcee defends_1011874 Kaylie Wood rebounds_1011896 Kaylie Wood free throw_1011906 Sadie Vander Schaaf dribbles_1011914 Annabelle Popek free throw_1011940 Sophie Reynolds passes_1011959 Sadie Vander Schaaf shoots three_1012000 Allie Berry and Sadie Vander Schaaf trap_1012018 Sadie Vander Schaaf calls play_1012033 Addison Marcee defends_1012044 Ashley Davis pushes tempo_1012046 Addison Marcee saves ob ball_1012049 Autumn Cason completes save hustle_1012056 Autumn Cason secures_1012116 Ashley Davis passes_1012127 Sophie Reynolds and Kaylin Sapp trap_1012133 Allie Berry passes_C270035 Ashley Davis traps with Sophie Reynols and Kaylin Sapp_C270056 Annabelle Popek and Sadie Vander Schaaf fight for board
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