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_1229546 Levi Thompson drives_1229547 Levi Thompson drives_1229550 Hunter Jacobs drives_1229596 Payton Sapp shoots three_1229609 Hunter Jacobs shoots three_1229615 Brady Floyd forces turnover_1229624 Ethan Presley shoots jumper_1229664 Thomas Sabedra closes half_1409108 bulldog bench and student section cheer made Sabedra three_1409134 Levi Thompson hits corner three_1409142 Brady Floyd drives_1409148 Levi Thompson attacks bucket_1409169 Hunter Jacobs and Brady Floyd apply pressure_1409171 Thomas Sabedra defends_1229697 Hunter Jacobs lays-up_1229704 Cody Wilson coaches bulldogs_1409196 Levi Thompson hits three_1409196dxo  Levi Thompson hits three_1229706 Thomas Sabedra shoots three_1229712 Brady Floyd bounce pass into lane
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