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_1058430 lady bulldogs pledge allegiance_1058438 Mylee Fischer passes past Ashley Davis_1058466 Jayla Jackson shoots three_1058482 Mylee Fischer breaks by Addison Marcee_1058494 Mylee Fischer shoots over Reiny Luman_1058497 Kapri Riley breaks by Allie Berry_1058498 Jayla Jackson three over Madyson Pence_1058513 Kapri Riley steals from Sadie Vander Schaaf_1058515 Macy Fischer and Sadie Vander Schaaf loose ball_1058516 Ashley Davis guards Mylee Fischer_1058523 Sadie Vander Schaaf drives by Paris Spigner_1058549 Sadie Vander Schaaf presses Kyra Jackson_1058552 Mylee Fischer blocks Sadie Vander Schaaf_1058556 Kaysi Parker shoots in traffic_1058568 Macy Fischer challenges shot of Allie Berry_1247352 Jayla Jackson shoots three_1247411 Carley Spears heaves pass_1247444 Kyra Jackson shoots_1247466 Kyra Jackson and Sadie Vander Schaaf loose ball_1247488 Kaysie Parker vs Jayla Jackson for rebound
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